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#1 Shala Darpan (शाला दर्पण पोर्टल) Login, MHRD | GOVT. Of INDIA



shala darpan
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Shala Darpan (Shala Darpan Portal)

Intro-  Shala darpan is the best initiative taken by the government of India, for the wellbeing of children in Rajasthan.

The best advantage of this online service is that parents of school going kids can get a progress report of their children on their smartphone.

The program is only for government-owned schools, by the  MHRD of India. It’s an excellent step to bring transparency to government schools.

shala darpan

This program was launched back in the year of 2015, the main motive to start this online portal was to improve the learning and bring transparency into the educational activities.

By using this online portal, a parent can get the best insights about the school going kids. Every single information regarding schools, students, and staff, education, or school funding is available on the shala darpan portal



  • It brings transparency in the secondary school education of government, in Rajasthan.
  • All information related to the school staff, employees, and students is available on one click.
  • Parents also get insights about the student,s progress, transaction, and funds, etc.
  • All the resources that these schools have been utilized properly for the wellbeing of students.
  • This program is influencing other states, which will result in the improvement of secondary level school education in the country.

 Guide for Users

  • Citizen Window – It includes four categories, School search, School reports, student reports.
  1.  Search school – Under this category, you can search about schools under the subcategories, Like, vacancies, playgrounds, streams, PEEO schools, school labs, hostels, residential areas, etc. 
  2. School reports – Here you can find, the schools’ reports like CWSN for school. schools in Rajasthan,  English medium schools, modal schools, schools, star ratings, etc.
  3. School reports – This category consists of enrollments like the minority, class-wise, CWSN students, category-wise, gender-wise, etc.
  4. Student reports – This category belongs to the staff reports, like about staff in schools, PTI, Principle, Teachers, staff status, etc.


  • Staff Window – The staff window is another important category for academic staff. Inside the staff window, you will find, transfer, staff attendance, schedule, NIC SD,  staff login, detail, etc.


  • Scholarships (NMMS) –  This category is made for scholarships, for students who achieved merits, and are financially weaker. 


  • RJC Guidance Portal –  Includes,  mainly to guidance purpose to help students.





How to Login into shala darpan?

Shala darpan login‘ is a really simple process to do, follow the given instruction accordingly.

shala darpan

  1.  First, visit the official website, on your smartphone.
  2. Open the official website and visit the login page of shala darpan.
  3. Put your username password, and given captcha, here.
  4. Now go to the login button and complete your login.
  5. You can also click on forget the password if lost.
  6. Or search the staff or office username search below.

Who Operates Shala darpan?

Shala darpan program is official, operated through the state government of  Rajasthan.   All the work and other activities are reported to the State government primarily.



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