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HOT PSN Weekly Deals [67$-OFF] | PS4 Nov 2021



PSN Weekly Deals
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Welcome here visitors, before heading towards the psn weekly deals. Please make sure that you have bookmarked us for the latest gaming cashback codes. In this new era of online video gaming, these games spread across the globe.PSN(Play Station Netw0rk) is very popular for video gaming consoles. PSN has made remarkable growth in the gaming world. You can see their growth in the internet or gaming world. Its users are growing day by day.

PSN Weekly Deals


Now PSN has also shifted itself to smartphones, blue-ray, and tablets. Its services are mainly available on the play station stores. This platform consists of the verity of video gaming consoles. They are play station 2, play station 3, PlayStation vita and play station portable. Here we have also PlayStation CVD key

If you are PSN fans, we have fantastic affordable Psn deals for you. Also, we have some great psn weekly deals for you. Here you will get the new tempting cashback and discount offers. There are lots of latest psn games in the gaming market place. We will reveal all offers of favorite recently released games in 2019. Pick up these deals and get maximum profit. Check out these incredible deals now.

Latest TOP PSN weekly deals and offers


Anime Girls Dynamic Themes Bundle 1 on 33% OFF

Free bonus



Save 50% on An Elven Blacksmith Dynamic Theme

Free bonus



Save 20% Genesis Nemo Doomsday Pack

Free bonus



Agents of Mayhem 75% OFF




Get Genesis Elvira Witchwood Pack at 20% OFF




Flowers are dead get 40% OFF

Free bonus



Expired  PSN weekly deals and offers

  • 60 % discount deal  – Price of this assassin creed gold edition 29.99 $.But grab this offer and get up to 60% discount on this game in the ps4 gaming console.


  • 45% deal – Get this popular game Far cry new down in 45% of the discounted price. And save your money.


  • 15 $ – Battlefield 4 real cash value of the game is 29.99 $, but it is on sale for 15 $.

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  • 17.49$ sale – Ultra street 5  worth is 24.99 $.buy it in just 17.49 $  by making this incredible deal.


  • 72% cashback – Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is on sale for 4.99 $. on play station store, visit and grab psn weekly deals.


  • 87% sale- Get the massive discount on Battlefield 1 Revolution game, and save your pocket.


  • 35% off – Now fill your pocket with a cashback of 35%. And have fun with playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Digital Deluxe Edition. This game is available in 44.99 $. Apply the offer then you will receive your discount.


  • $4.50 sale offer – The real cash value of Castlestorm Complete Edition is 14.99 $. But this sale will lead you to profit, don’t wait for anyone to steal the offer. The platform for this game is Play Station Vita.


  • 7.50 $ – Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon is a game of PSP. The pricing of the game is 14.99 $. Available for a limited period get benefited soon.


  • 63 % cashback –  In this addition of  Uravel two. You will get a discount of  63 %, and this is for 59.79 $ of price.

Latest hot psn weekly deals of  the month

  • JUNE20SAVE: Use this google  E code and get a chance to win wireless controller DualShock 4   ps4  at 32$.


  • 24.95 $: Buy kingdom heart three at this sale offer. This a psn weekly deal take advantage of its and have more fun.


  • RAK6: Submit this coupon code and get a 12-month membership of Rakuten PSP at an affordable price of 34.99$.


  • Free: Get the offer at play station store and grab Read dead redemption two avatars, for free of cost.


  • Save 25%: Order your PSN and get 25 % cashback in your pocket. This is a special PSN sale check it out now.


  • SAVE15: Get ps4 games like God of wars, RDR2, etc. at 30% cashback with an addition of 15% off.


  • BORDERLAND 2: Catch this game for free at play station store.


  • 60% off sale: Check out this offer at psn store, select the game and get a discount of 60% at the game.


PSN Reward system

Everyone loves rewards. Do you want awards for you? Follow these instructions first resistor with accurate details in sony rewards. Secondly, purchase at the PSN store. You will receive your points every time with your shopping. Until you do not earn enough points, you will not be able to redeem your code.when. You will gain some points. Then you will be able to get your rewards.

How to choose the subscription?

If you want to access all the latest games, then you need to subscribe to PSN. You can choose the ps plus subscription for 12 months. It gives you access to the PS3 PS4 and Plays Station Vita. First, check out for the free trial. Why we prefer to choose 12 months of subscription.if you buy a subscription for one month. You have to subscribe to it for next month; otherwise, you won’t be able to access your favorite can spoil your gaming experience. Therefore we prefer an annual subscription. The yearly subscription will be cost-effective for you. You can have fun playing the game consistently every month.

Psn gift cards

It seems very exciting when we here about the gift. PSN also offers gift cards. These are the digital cards that consist of promo code inside them. You can also buy them with money. After that claim them in PSN.

All of the above are valid and verified psn deals. Grab these deals before they get expired. So take advantage of these deals and enjoy  PSN gaming world. Keep your enthusiasm high.

Thank you for your visit.

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