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NEW “Clash OF Clans Strategy” *Updated* [Top-Secrets] 2021



clash of clans strategy
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Clash of clans strategy

Clash Of Clans is considerably one of the most desirable and popular video games.COC is the freemium video game. Available on ios and for Android, you can search on google play.

COC has its own virtual world, keeps engaging its players to fantasize in-game. Its user base has grown remarkably in the last two years. Reports have shown that it generates more than 3.2 million$ per day.

clash of clans strategy

This game is players build community and attack, create a defense, where can players create clans, they can team up with other players, throughout the world. Clash of clans has its own resources, gold, and dark, elixir.

These are the currencies that help to build an empire. Gold elixir helps to create a defense system to save from attacks. On the other side, the dark elixir help to train their troops and spells.

Therefore players keep looking for strategies that can help them to win this game. We can help you with that and come up with the exclusive clash of clans attack strategy and defense. These strategies will help to win the COC. Follow these strategies of clash of clans and build yourself as an established COC player.

Top clash of clans strategy and secrets

1. Observe your targets  to pick up

In this clash of clans, strategy picks up your target wisely when you find an opponent. Observe their town hall level also look for their resources before your troops attacking.

It should be more than you spent over the forces so you can regain the resources. Ultimately you may lose by sending goblins, but at last, you will end up earning some resources. Choose your resources with an active mind, before the establishment of your troops. So you use this strategy in the game.


 2. Make use of clash track

Use the exclusive tool in COC called clash track. Use this unique tool, and it will help you to win. Clash track has so many features like

  • Clash manager-By this feature you can discover more about your opponents. Also, this will help you to track their progress.
  • Clan war caller-This will help you to call clan war members and discuss the will save you so many hours.
  • Tactics editor- An a fantastic feature of the clash track. You and your clan member can make an attack plan against your enemy.
  • Progress tractor- By this editor, you can track your progress in the clash of clans. And decide when you want to move towards the town hall at the next level.


3. Collect and save the gems

You need to save your gems and collect more gems. Gemstones help you to speed up your time more in the clash of clan game. Don’t waste them spend them for building a base or on other essential things. You can buy resources if you want to. It is totally up to you what is most necessary for you to in the game.

Therefore make significant use of them. As you progress in the game because of any timer, you can lose them. But don’t worry you can earn back by playing games like candy crush.


4. Protect your village from enemy

Don’t let any enemy destroy your town. Because as you enter the next level. So you create a broad base here for that you bigger walls. But the enemy can spawn inside the village and start weakening it.

Solve this problem by filling the space near the walls. Search there is any other gap left from where your enemy can enter inside. Don’t leave any loophole. Make your defense system stronger. That’s how you can counterparts your opponent’s next move.


5. Composition of the strong army

This clash of clan strategy plays an important role here, you need to build strength to fight. Otherwise, you cannot defeat your enemy. learn about the battlefield. There are three types of army in COC. Troops spells and heroes, Troops are made in the barracks. Heroes are told immortals, and spells are formed in the spell factory you can see them in the village.


6. Always play a one player mission

Play in a single-player mode; don’t be upset with it. Because in a single-player mode you can quickly attack goblins villages.75 individual players’ stages are there now, every with three stars.

There is no limit in the single-player mode. There are amazing and exclusive buildings in this mode. If you get attacked, you will not even lose your active shield. These are some of the great benefits of a single-player mission. Use this secret.


7. Clean the base and get a clan

You must be thinking about why it is necessary to clean up the bases. But it is an essential part. In the game, there are two opponents in every attack. There are three crucial cleanups. The first is to clean your defenseless buildings. The second is to clean up your heroes, archer queen and the barbarian king does excellent work of cleaning.

The third one is surgical cleaning. Be very aware of doing this surgical cleaning. So clean up your bases very carefully. Get yourself clans by getting other players. Unite and attack other groups of clans. You will get bonuses by playing the clan wars.


8. Build your base 

Build a base that must be strong, because your opponent can attack your base. This clash of clan’s strategy is so important, So place a stronger and bigger wall to escape from the attack. You can also use your gems to build and maximize your base.

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Above all is the Clash of clans strategy that can help you to win this game. Apply them and have your unique playstyle.


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